Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Britney Spears sleepwalks, lip-syncs on Good Morning America

Britney Spears sleepwalks, lip-syncs on 'Good Morning America'

Happy 27th birthday, Britney!

Britney Spears performed two numbers on "Good Morning America" today, an event that's been hyped for weeks and weeks to coincide with her birthday and her new "Circus" album release.

So, with all that nonstop rehearsing we saw her doing on her MTV documentary, why did her GMA routine still remind some viewers of her disastrous Video Music Awards performance?

Not that she didn't look good. Make that great. But just like she did in London earlier this week, Britney seemed to lip-sync and stumble her way through her songs.

British fans watching her performance on "X Factor" were reportedly outraged about her not really singing. Her U.S. fans may be a little more forgiving of (and used to) her faux singing, but it's still a little disconcerting to watch.

I saw her perform in Vegas a few years back. Sat in the front row. Close enough to see that she didn't sing a note. Lip-sync City. But was the performance fun, sexy and lively? Sure was.

Sadly, her previously energetic dance style is still MIA. In her GMA performance "Womanizer," there was that familiar strutting sleepwalker stomp, eerily reminiscent of her attempted 2007 comeback on MTV.

But one wonders, why can't she sing and dance at the same time? It's like those slow stomping moves would have caused her to be out of breath.

Maybe Britney is just not a morning  person?

As far as finding out about Britney's birthday plans or talking about her MTV documentary, Diane Sawyer and Robin Roberts barely got two questions out about her upcoming concert tour.

"You're starting at home, right?" Sawyer asked helpfully, following a question about the beginning of her new tour.

A seemingly confused Britney said, "Yes, in America."

Roberts added, "In New Orleans!"

Um, yeah, as the hosts pointed out enthusiastically, that is Britney's  hometown. Woo hoo!

Oh dear. Poor Brit Brit.

Anyway, what did you think of Britney's GMA performance? Thumbs up or kinda down?

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