Saturday, August 1, 2009

Miley Cyrus news: Elle cover, Batgirl, and stalker alert

Miley Cyrus news: Elle cover, Batgirl, and stalker alert
Miley Cyrus is on the cover of the August issue of Elle magazine.

This week, the reasons why Miley Cyrus was on the news range from the cover of Elle magazine and a clothing line with Max Azria to a song leak, and a stalker alert.

The August issue of Elle magazine has teen idol Miley Cyrus on the cover in a piece in which the star, who is sixteen years old, discusses style, romance and friendship. About her new clothing line with Max Azria for Wal-Mart she says, "The jeans are my favorite part of the entire line. Because, like, literally this is going to be good for, like, Middle America, and it will be great for kids that really want to be in fashion but that don't have it available," and "I would pay $500 for the jeans that we make for $20. I'm really into high fashion."

She also talks about dealing with superstardom and being friends with Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas (she is supposed to even be back together with him), both Disney Channel superstars themselves, "It's hard for all of us. There are so many people that could be using you. So me and Nick and Demi, we don't need anything from each other. We got our own thing going on."

The fashion spread in Elle features a fabulously styled Miley Cyrus in leather and studded outfits that could be a perfect fit for the role she is reported to want to play, the one of Batgirl in the upcoming The Dark Knight movie. As was rumored this week, she really has her heart set on landing the role, even though she is not yet considered a serious actress.

Miley Cyrus, or Dragon to her friend Demi Lovato as this one told Sugar magazine, also made headlines this week when her new song, "Party in the USA", leaked on the internet. The tune is in a Wal-Mart exclusive EP coming out in August along with the new clothing line. 

In more serious news, Disney security officers recently warned the Los Angeles Police Department about a man who was arrested for allegedly trying to contact Miley Cyrus during a photo shoot, but let go the following day. According to E! Online, LAPD spokesman Richard French told E! News that police "received a tip giving them a heads-up about one Mark McCleod, who was taken into custody June 23 after trespassing on the Tybee Island set of The Last Song, the Nicholas Sparks-based Mouse House movie starring Cyrus, Kelly Preston and Greg Kinnear." He also said that LAPD obtained a copy of McCleod's arrest report from Tybee Island Police, "in the event that at some future point [McCleod] would come to L.A., where Miley lives, and attempt to make contact with her."

Regrettably, but all too predictably as well, this is not the first time the star has to deal with the threat of an overexcited, potentially dangerous fan. In October, 19-year-old Josh Holly was accused by the FBI of hacking into Cyrus' email account and publishing pictures of her in her underwear online. Officers raided his house, but he has not been arrested.

The decision of keeping an eye on now suspiciously motivated Mark McCleod, a "precautionary measure" according to French, will hopefully help in doing what is necessary to keep Miley Cyrus safe.

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