Thursday, February 5, 2009

American Idol Bikini Girl Katrina Darrell Eliminated After Group Round

American Idol Bikini Girl Katrina Darrell Eliminated After Group Round

Bikini girls Pics
 Bikini girls pics

The provocative and rather ridiculous Katrina Darrell, 20, was sent home on Wednesday night's Idol, as the 107 singers held over from Tuesday were decimated in what Ryan Seacrest summed up as "the tears, the triumphs and the tragedies of group round."

Ryan, that is not a correct use of the word "tragedy," and I think you know it. "Hot mess," though, that's fair.

Katrina, who happened to be teamed with some very talented voices — including Rose Flack, 17, and Jasmine Murray, 16 — bailed on her group at 4 a.m. the night before their performance (she later told Simon that she suffers from scoliosis, and her back was giving out). The result was a ragged, lifeless appearance before the judges — and it also spelled the end of Rose, who forgot the not terribly taxing lyrics of Duffy's "Mercy." Even as Katrina marched past the judges on her way out, Kara couldn't help rolling her eyes and expressing bafflement over the proud creature we shall always remember as … Bikini Girl.

Surprisingly, David Osmond, scion of the famous and famously large singing clan, got the boot, too, although after all the buildup we didn't see his performance. Emily Wynne-Hughes, 21, also failed — Simon warned about flubbing lyrics, and he meant it. For those on the lookout for Norman Gentle, 27: Looks like he survived another week.

The best of the impromptu groups was the a-cappella quartet that included Danny Gokey, 28, Jamar Rogers, 26, and Taylor Vaifanua, 16. The judges practically sighed with relief at hearing some accomplished musicianship. Earlier, Simon had complained: "Does anyone got any Advil? We're going to need a crrrrate."

The worst, arguably, was the group that called itself Team Compromise. The name turned out to be ironic: Simon accused them of trying to sabotage each other with their backups, and the bad blood showed between Nancy Wilson, 28, who lost, and Kristin McNamara, 22, who stayed. All very Sharpay! The judges also gave a pass to their bandmate, the hysterically overwrought Nathaniel Marshall, 18.

The grandest diva, though, was Tatiana del Toro, 23, who serenaded the judges: "I wanna get through-oo-oo." And she did.

Funniest gag of the night: When rejectee Ryan Pinkston, 21, said he'd glimpsed Paula's "evil" side, the producers obliged by giving her red demon eyes. – Tom Gliatto

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