Wednesday, February 4, 2009

World’s Largest Breasts: 38KKK Sheyla Hershey

World's Largest Breasts: 38KKK Sheyla Hershey

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Meet Sheyla Hershey, owner of the biggest breasts in the world at size 38KKK. See the photos of her new twins, a short biography and video below of the world's most enhanced woman according to the Guinness Book of World Records.
Sheyla Hershey biggest
Sheyla Hershey

Right Celebrity first reported about Ms. Hershey last year in this interesting piece. There are laws in her home state of Texas that prohibited her latest implant surgery, so an entrepreneurial spirit took her to Brazil where they were happy to maker her a pair of 38KKK, and welcome her back for more later.

Sheyla Hershey Implants Biography

Sheyla Almeida Hershey was born in Brazil to entertain. She is a singer, dancer, model, and occasional actress now living in Houston Texas. She has a record deal in Brazil where she has achieved celebrity status. Read all of her acting credits and upcoming music releases on her official website here.

Ms. Hershey is 29 years old and speaks five languages, including amore for you curious men and her native tongue of Portuguese (see video). But do not get too curious, because her world champion boobs are already taken. She is a mother and wife. No word on if the lucky child was breast-fed.

Her measurements are kept close to the chest, but we can confidently report that Sheyla Hershey is 5'3" tall with 38KKK. She is currently blond but varies her look. Our experts evaluate her face as pretty with a tight body, except for, well, you know.

As for naked pics, Sheyla has not posed nude to our knowledge and Right Pundits believes that would take all the fun out of imagining whatever is hiding beneath her skirts. She does do lingerie and sexy very well as will be revealed by closely examining the images.

Sheyla's MySpace page is an interesting read which you can find from her website. There you will learn that she is a huge fan of Nip Tuck (who knew?), voted for John McCain and is athletic. Does anyone want to see her play basketball with Barack Obama?

She is a plastic surgery aficionado, having already 18 plastic surgeries. Most of those are to her breasts, but along the way to record fame she has improved her butt, lips and nose as well.

See more pictures of Sheyla Hershey's boob record below where you can congratulate the pair.

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