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Jon And Kate: No Sex For Months. Divorce Tonight

Jon And Kate: No Sex For Months. Divorce Tonight
Jon and Kate Gosselin talk about the demise of their marriage in a new TLC video.

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Ed Note: BREAKING NEWS! Jon and Kate file for divorce—click for more.

Jon and Kate Gosselin's big announcement happens tonight on a special episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8. On Friday, TLC released a second promo video (check out the first, here). In separate interviews Jon and Kate talk about the demise of their relationship. Watch the video here. Excerpts below.

Kate: It doesn't matter where Jon and I are in our relationship. My kids still matter the most to me. We haven't really known where we were going, but we've been dealing with this for a long time—a slow progression that has not popped up one day. It's not been, like, a secret."

Jon: It just got worse and worse and worse. And with all the tabloids and all that, it just made it worse.

Kate: We can't go back now.  We can only go forward. And that's what we're gonna do. And we're gonna learn a lot going forward. And I know that we'll all come out of this on the other side, hopefully stronger, better, wiser.

Jon: People think that I've changed, and I have changed. But I'm now the person I know I am.

Kate: We've been dealing a long time with this.

Starpulse reported last week that the Gosselins hadn't had sex in months. Not a surprise, considering the state of their marriage. Does A Marriage Ever Recover From Lack Of Sex?

What will happen? We'll find out tonight.

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