Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Roadies star Tamanna in sex-tape storm

Roadies star Tamanna in sex-tape storm

Roadies Season five contestant, Tamanna, is now right in the middle of a storm that threatens to destroy her reputation and life off-screen.

A Mumbai tabloid has recently claimed that they're in possession of a 'clip' that features Tamanna indulging in sexually explicit activities. The paper is also claiming the clip is a rage and that it's doing its rounds in Mumbai.
The Roadies star has however slammed the reports. In an interview with the publication, Tamanna lashed out at the reporter responsible for the story and accused the individual of spreading wild rumours.
"How dare you people do this to me. If I will give out your number to the police you will come to know of the consequences. But I don't want to do such things. Faltu ki cheezen ho," raged the TV star.
She also accused fellow Roadies 5.0 contestant Palak (with whom she never got along on the show) of conspiring against her and spreading lies about the sex tape!
"If you surf the web you will find a sex clip of Bobby (another contestant) too. And why not Palak? She is such a famous s**t. Her sex-clip is famous in Chandigarh," argued Tamanna.
Roadies 5.0 was the latest season of MTV's adventure-based reality show that has contestants carrying out various 'tasks' to get ahead of the competition.

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