Monday, June 22, 2009

Neda's death on YouTube fuels protests in Iran

Neda's death on YouTube fuels protests in Iran

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Still don't care much about the anti-government protests going on in Iran? Then watch Neda die on YouTube.

The shocking video and story of her death are only for the mature.
The powerful video reportedly is providing a compelling figure for Iranians to rally around as they protest what many see as a stolen presidential election.
And the images of Neda provide a face to the rest of the world wondering what all the trouble in Iran is about.
As Iran's rulers kill their own people to keep order, Americans must pay attention to what's going on in that country and pressure our leaders -- especially President Barack Obama -- to speak out in defense of the people's right to protest in Iran.
True, America can't coerce the Iranian government into anything such as a full recount of the presidential elections.
But the deaths of Neda and other Iranians must help Americans focus on the future of Iran and how it affects all the other fragile relations among countries in the Middle East.

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