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Assessing the Erin Andrews Feeding Frenzy Erin Andrews Peephole Full Video Online Free erin andrews peephole tape video watch

Assessing the Erin Andrews Feeding Frenzy

In the sense that she does sideline reports during television broadcasts of baseball, basketball and football games, Erin Andrews isn't really that different than Lisa Salters or Michele Tafoya or other women who report from the sideline. But none of those other women can lay claim to the peculiar title of "America's Sideline Princess," and none of them are as obsessed-over by U.S. sports fans. When a nude video that someone took of Andrews without her knowledge hit the Internet late last week, all that ostensibly good-natured fawning took on a creepier cast.
Erin Andrews had received excessive attention for her looks even before the nude video of her went online.

"The media were happy to feed the frenzy," the Washington Post's Monica Hesse reports. "Fox News aired stills from the video; CBS's 'The Early Show' played strategically blurred-out segments. The original video link had disappeared by the weekend, but file-sharing sites all over the Web still lured in viewers: 'Erin Andrews Peephole Full Video Online Free!' It was hard to avoid glimpsing a naked Erin Andrews online, even if you didn't want to."

The New York Post served up its standard indignation-and-titillation combo platter, railing against the "Peep Perv" while printing stills from the video. Newsday's Neil Best reported that the Post's poor taste earned the paper an ESPN ban. The Post's coverage also summed up the bipolar public response — "Erin Andrews peephole pictures" was Tuesday's top Google search, though who would admit to wanting to watch the invasive video? (Fox News and New York Post are owned by News Corp., as is The Wall Street Journal.)

At True/Slant, Viv Bernstein ponders the double standards behind the low, leering coverage to which Andrews was submitted even before this video leaked. "So Andrews is punished for being pretty," Bernstein writes. "But somehow she deserves it, because everyone assumes the only reason she was hired by ESPN was her appearance,"

The blog Deadspin long made a habit of panting Andrews-related coverage, which left editor emeritus Will Leitch conflicted. "People who took photos of themselves smiling with Andrews on the sideline feel guilty, ESPN feels guilty, bloggers feel guilty, everybody feels guilty except the scumbag who shot the video in the first place," Leitch writes. "The whole thing went wrong, very wrong. I do not think there is direct causality here … at all. But it's not so wakka-wakka all-in-fun anymore, [is] it? Even if we all feel comfortable that we were above board, if we scoffed at those other sites [that] were cruder and uglier, that part is over. No one feels good about it."

At Sports Media Watch, Jon Lewis, who writes under the name Paulsen, argues that there's a reason for that discomfort, given the "national stalking" to which Andrews has been subject. "All of this seems generally harmless, especially by comparison to the hidden camera video. But it creates a climate where Andrews is prominent more because of her looks than because of her talent," Paulsen writes. "A climate where [it's] okay to make lewd jokes about her and turn her into what amounts to a sexual object. And while most of the people out there understand that there are still limits — even in such a climate — there will always be that fringe part of society for which there are no limits. To such people, Andrews is not a person. Instead, she is merely a body that exists for the sole purpose of leering at."

Erin Andrews Peephole Video Concerns Erin Pageviews erin andrews peephole tape video watch

At Least One Reporter Did Not Hear (Or Chose to Ignore) Erin Andrews' Plea that Her Privacy Be Respected
Erin Andrews, the unfortunate focus of far too much media this past week because of an illegally obtained peephole video and the subsequent search for said Erin Andrews peephole video on the internet, was herself the focus again of another unwanted observer -- this time at her home in
Erin Andrews Peephole Video Concerns Lead to "Suspicious Person" 911 Call

United States of America
 Georgia -- prompting a 911 call. TMZ reported Friday that Erin Andrews called 911 Wednesday when she became suspicious and alarmed that a man was lurking around her home. Given the overwhelming demand to see pictures and video of her at any time (she is nicknamed "Erin Pageviews"), it might be surprising to learn that she hasn't gone into seclusion and hired an entire security staff to protect her privacy.

Or perhaps everyone else heard about the press conference where she and her lawyer issued the statement about finding and prosecuting the perpetrator who captured the video (actually several videos) of Erin Andrews naked in her hotel room. She also warned that she would bring to bear civil and criminal lawsuits against those who published the illegal video. Erin Andrews had ended her public statement by requesting that her privacy be respected.

Apparently someone did not see or hear or read about the press conference.

Responding to the call that a "suspicious person" was outside her door knocking and would not leave, Dunwoody Police found a lone man at Erin Andrews door. He told police he was a reporter and was there attempting to get an interview with Andrews. After brief questioning, the reporter was allowed to leave.

TMZ reported that Erin Andrews has been somewhat distraught since finding out she had been targeted and videotaped naked. Her employers at ESPN have launched an internal investigation, following a lead that the person or persons responsible for the video may have been a member of Erin Andrews production team.

Erin Andrews peeping tom drama is a HOAX

Yes , I used that picture for a reason.The outfit she is wearing is over the top. What message is Erin or her producers trying to convey to ESPN watchers.To  be honest  the whole thing sounds like an elaborate scheme cooked up and put  together with some careful planning.What would be her motive? Now do not get me wrong here I am in no way suggesting this woman is some king of hussy but I'm not saying she is the Duchess of York either. She is definitely somewhere in the middle. I'll be honest with you this one is just instinct. Erin makes enough   money that  she could hire or ESPN hire someone to set up the whole thing to boost her exposure and the networks which plenty of women have done and if this is in fact the case then touche' Erin , good job, at least you did not have to do a Vanessa Williams like they did in the old days before the INTERNET became such a fast way to traffic information.

2 + 2 = 5

No one would have known that a sick voyeur had secretly videotaped ESPN reporter Erin Andrews nude in her hotel room, if ESPN sports network hadn't sent a letter to a Web site demanding that it take down its link to a fuzzy video of an unidentified blonde . This is the heart of my conspiracy theory. The video is so bad that nobody knew it was her until ESPN as a co conspirator called it in .

The person who posted the video didn't identify the nude woman. Erin Andrews let every one know it was her through her Attorney. Can you say publicity stunt ? I' m supposed to believe that the reason she let everyone know it was her was to end rumors and speculation  , I think all she did was create more rumors.

For one I'm am supposed to believe  some person (man or women) ,we do not know if its a man or women, knew  Erin was staying at   hotel , at three -four different hotels.Huh!

I've studied her pictures looked at some articles my gut tells me this is a girl with a little Paris Hilton in her, not that that's bad ,women have hormones also do not forget, maybe she's making her move, if you know what I mean, this is something that maybe an agent thinks up as a publicity stunt.

Reason 2 - Erin Andrews is not popular in the main stream media. If you looked  at her Facebook page fans  or twitter followers before this week the numbers are very mundane and below average for a celebrity . Which contradicts what  many of  you are saying about her being a big time celebrity.

Reason 3- The videos vanished off the INTERNET to fast.There is no way you can stop a video from being distributed over the INTERNET without you yourself controlling it. With todays viral loop effect

there is no way that everybody decides not to show the video. That leans toward one source having the videos.

Reason 4-They will never catch anybody for this,because Erin Andrews set the whole thing up

Reason 5-Erin Andrews is not a bad looking women,she's smart which I think is an asset for her,look at her pictures ,but as far as stalkers, peping toms ,and perps,I'm not buying it , this is not a bomb shell we are talking about , she's  an average girl who gets her hair done nicely  ,has a physicaal trainer ,and had her boobs done .

Last but not least Hollywood gossip agrees with me , at the very least , this was an inside job in my opinion and Erin probably knows who filmed her.This is probably someone who works with her.Filmed her at four different hotels ? How do they know were she's going next ,its because someone on inside is telling them.

I'm sorry to bust the bubble on this but you just have to know women,if you do not understand were I am coming from then take your blinders off.

If Erin and her cohorts can keep the fact that it's an inside job to themselves then guess who's getting a pay raise real soon,Erin that's who.

Interest refuses to die in Leaked Erin Andrews Peephole Tape Video 

Interest refuses to die down in Leaked Erin Andrews Peephole Tape Video. Watching the video has become a rage among teenaged Americans and sports fans. It is the hottest search on the internet for the whole last week.

This undoubtedly shows her tremendous appeal among sports fan. Many top footballers would die for the sort of fan following that Erin seems to have

Erin AndrewsErin Andrews is an ESPN sportscaster. She was also the Playboy Magazine's America's Sexiest Sportscaster for 2007 and 2008.

It is reported that the Erin Andrews Peephole video was first seen in Dailymotion. The Dailymotion video can be dated as early as February 17, 2009 but it was only this July when Erin Andrews herself, through her attorney, confirmed that she was indeed the lady on the video.

The original video on Dailymotion has been brought down already but the download links are still available on numerous file sharing sites. You just have to find them. It's too dangerous for me to post those links for some reasons such as DMCA violations and privacy invasion.

In the meantime TMZ reports that Erin Andrews Called 911 and said that some suspicious person was outside of her Georgia home.

TMZ report says, "Just days after her peeping Tom incident became national news, Andrews made a call to Dunwoody police around 2:10 PM, claiming someone was knocking on her door and wouldn't leave".

It's been nearly a week since this news about Erin Andrews Peephole Video came out but people are still curious about this very controversial video.

The rumors that the video files pack were uploaded to a certain file sharing site is true. But we cannot publish the links for that once since doing such thing is against the policy and it may cause too much pain on our side.

Erin Andrews peephole video still in high demand (video)

Photo of Erin Andrew who is outraged over peephole video showing her nude
Erin Andrews peephole video and photos are in  high demand.
The Erin Andrews peephole video is one of the most sought after videos on the internet


 The peephole video has now been shown censored on many major media networks. (watch the video below). The Erin Andrew's peephole pictures have even been posted by the New York Post.

The fact that the New York Post chose to post the photos has cost them privileges with ESPN. On Wednesday, ESPN announced they were banning all New York Post reporters from appearing on any ESPN programs.

Who took the Erin Andrew's peephole video in the first place?
According to Radaronline, the video of Andrews was probably taken by a fellow ESPN employee,

The peephole video is actually not new. It was first posted in February to the website Dailymotion. The video was posted to the site by a user named Goblazers1. The user identified himself as a 49 year old American male.

When the video was originally uploaded it was not known that the woman was Erin Andrews. It was only after ESPN sent a letter to the website demanding that the video be taken down that the woman's identity was figured out.
Erin Andrews peephole photos

If you really want to see the Erin Andrew's peephole pictures, you can view them here. The pictures are censored and blurry. You can clearly see that Andrew is nude in the photos and appears to be standing in front of a mirror brushing her hair.

 A note of caution: If you are searching for the video online, there is a nasty virus said to be attached to many of the videos posted. Hackers have taken advantage of many people looking to watch this voyeuristic video.

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