Saturday, July 18, 2009

Erin Andrews Peephole Video: Naked Truth About Her Invaded Privacy

Erin Andrews Peephole Video: Naked Truth About Her Invaded Privacy

Public Figure or Not, Erin Andrews Deserves a Reasonable Amount of Personal Privacy
Erin Andrews, the ESPN sports blogger and reporter, is a beautiful woman and the object of attention for many, including one opportunist who decided to take a video of her in a hotel room through a peephole. To be sure, Erin Andrews' every move is scrutinized
Erin Andrews Peephole Video: Naked Truth About Her Invaded Privacy

 by both sports fans and admirers of feminine pulchritude on a daily basis. Of course, as soon as the news hit the internet that there was a "peephole" video of a naked Erin Andrews to be seen, search engines became strained with movement to find said peephole video. Apparently, just the idea of seeing Erin Andrews naked or in some form of undress, even through the confined parameters of a peephole, was enough for many. And the race was on for Erin Andrews and her lawyers to attempt to block the video wherever possible before it went viral. But viral it went...

Still, when Erin Andrews is not working for ESPN or is not out in the public (the paparazzi are everywhere), the 31-year-old, just like any other individual, has a reasonable expectation to personal privacy. A hotel room, a sort of home-away-from-home, is an area where the reporter could and should expect a fairly high degree of privacy, barring not pulling the shades or leaving the door to her hotel room open. Having oneself shot on video through the peephole of a door or wall goes beyond the pale of the normal parameters of observation. It would be something most would not consider or guard against, leaving one vulnerable to the determined voyeur.

Such was the case with Erin Andrews.

The Erin Andrews peephole video appeared on YouTube for awhile but was quickly blocked. Then it was available in the Google search engine cache (and most likely will have been blocked by the time this article sees print). But it was not at first known for certain that the naked blonde in the peephole video was actually Erin Andrews, igniting an internet debate over the identity of the video's naked target. Erin Andrews legal team moved swiftly, however, admitting that the images in the peephole video were Erin Andrews and promised legal action against anyone and everyone responsible for the making of the video and its dissemination online.

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