Saturday, July 18, 2009

Erin Andrews Peephole Video Cache

Erin Andrews Peephole Video Cache
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Erin Andrew is a lot in news these days. Few days back Erin Andrews got hit by a foul ball and fans wanted to check that out.

I am not sure whether they found it hilarious or were genuinely concerned or both. Or Perhaps once they found out that Erin was safe they could have a laugh at the incident.

But today when I woke up this is what I have been hearing about Erin Andrews. Apparently Erin had booked a hotel and was staying in it when somebody recored her going about her daily routine through a peep hole camera.

This does not auger welll for the hotel and I bet its not going to be some cheap hotel given Erin Andrew's contract with the broadcasting company.

One would think that given the amount of such stuff available on the internet, there would be no need to go after Erin Andrews but confess it, there is always some sort of fascination with stars and celebrities.

So according to the news reports, there is a such video out there on the internet which has been labled as Erin Andrews Peephole Video and since it may have been removed by Google or the offending party, people are looking for the Google Cache of the page.

Have you seen such a video and could you confirm the veracity of the news reports? If yes, give a shout out below.

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