Saturday, July 25, 2009

Erin Andrews was videotaped nude in her hotel room Erin Andrews Getting Rude Treatment on Internet Searching for Erin Andrews Videotape

Erin Andrews Getting Rude Treatment on Internet

Viewers May Pay a Price for Searching for Erin Andrews Videotape
This really shouldn't take long. I found a great source article on Erin Andrews, a sports reporter for ESPN. Erin Andrews was videotaped nude in her hotel room.

James Hamilton has posted an article on The Examiner titled "Erin Andrews deserves privacy in her workplace."

Erin Andrews was on the road on a sports assignment when she was videotaped by some creep while she combed her hair without clothes. Of course it was soon posted on the
Erin Andrews Getting Rude Treatment on Internet

Andrews, with the help of her lawyer and ESPN is fighting back and will do everything possible to track the person down who did this.

However some justice is being meted out inadvertently.

There are a number of sites where if you visit them you will get a virus or some other dread disease.

And that is only right because as Hamilton says. While one or two people took the video, they wouldn't get any money or attention if people didn't look at the video.

Some people don't think there is anything wrong looking at other people for the sake of making them an "object." Most of us don't think it is right however, no matter how much we are told otherwise.

It is easy to rationalize looking at filthy videos because you can always tell yourself people in them wanted to be in them and also got paid.

But, Erin Andrews didn't get paid for "posing." Her privacy was stolen.

How would you feel if this happened to your wife, mother, sister or daughter? You wouldn't be happy. And yet Andrews means something to certain people.

Sex sites are at the root of sexual addictions that ruin families and individual lives.

People with these addictions are taken in by phone sites and websites and with pornographic movies.

The reason that I used this particular reference site is because Mr. Hamilton "says it right."

Whatever you may think about any topic with respect to this area, it is wrong to subject people to this type of terrible treatment.

Further as Hamilton points out when considering our children: "It's wrong!"

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