Monday, July 27, 2009

ESPN reporter peephole video Erin Andrews was filmed in the nude Google millions of pictures of her ass on the sidelines

Why was ESPN's Erin Andrews ironing naked?

Recently ESPN reporter Erin Andrews was filmed in the nude. The smoking hot 31-year-old's lawyers say that she was "surreptitiously" taped. Translation the footage was acquired without Andrews' knowledge.
She knew exactly what was happening. How? There are two big things that make this a huge publicity stunt.
First, according to an article in the Kansas City Star Andrews was "brushing her hair, ironing her pants, and checking her backside in the mirror." All of this while naked.
What kind of person irons their pants while in their birthday suit?
Apparently, Andrews does.
Checking out her backside. That, although a more acceptable thing to do in the nude, but I ask what's the point?
If she wants to check out her backside all she needs to do is type her name in Google and millions of pictures of her ass on the sidelines of a football game or baseball diamond will pop-up, check it out there.
Clearly if you walk around naked in your hotel room for five minutes, ironing your pants you want someone to walk in or snag a picture from the window or in this case make a peephole video.
The other reason this was all to make Andrews more famous is because nobody knew it was her at first.
Until ESPN stepped in and told the initial Web site to remove the video, anyone very well could have mistaken Andrews for another of the millions of naked hot blonde chicks roaming around the Internet with videos of themselves ironing and checking her backside in the flesh.
Her lawyers now insist that they need to take action to prevent to the spread of the video and pictures from the tape.
They threaten to not only catch whoever posted the video, but to punish anyone else who posts it.
Fat chance.
The way the internet works today with the viral video market, once a video is posted it spreads like chicken pox at a Hannah Montana concert.
That and it doesn't really matter if they do find the person who posted the video, Andrews like compensated them heftily.
With the press she is receiving now she will have her own show on ESPN or E! anytime now.
Why did she need the publicity you ask?
She was already voted the sexiest sportscaster by Playboy for 2008 and 2009.
I have two guess' as to why.
 First is that she was trying to one-up Rachel Nichols, who must have been stealing her ESPN spotlight.
Well congratulations, nobody is talking about her, that's for sure.
Second, she's 31, which is old for a reporter whose sole reason for being a reporter is because she is more attractive than the next girl who doesn't bumble her words.
Yeah, 31 maybe the new 20, but girls are dressing like they're 20 at 12 nowadays anyhow, so looking 20 at 31 isn't much of a feat.
If she wants to look younger try dating one of the Jonas brothers instead of paying some guy to tape a blurry five minute clip of you ironing your pants.

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