Saturday, July 25, 2009

ESPN Blew Up Erin Andrews “Peepgate” peephole video ESPN hottie Erin Andrews’ naughty bits

ESPN Blew Up Erin Andrews "Peepgate"

So, other than the perv with the peephole video equipment, who's to blame for ESPN hottie Erin Andrews' naughty bits becoming the most-searched item in Internet history?

Duh, ESPN.

From Page Six:

    NO one would have known that a sick voyeur had secretly videotaped ESPN reporter Erin Andrews nude in her hotel room, if the Mickey Mouse sports network hadn't sent a letter to an obscure Web site demanding that it take down its link to a fuzzy video of an unidentified blonde. The video had gone largely unnoticed since it first went up in February, according to a girlie-posting site, Last Thursday, NSFWPOA , which had linked to the Andrews shots, got a letter from ESPN counsel David Pahl demanding the "pictures of a young, blonde woman" be removed. It didn't take long for Web sites to identify the blonde as Andrews — and her lawyer soon confirmed it. ESPN rep Chris LaPlaca refused to admit the network had outed its own employee with its legal letter, but told us, "Any action we have or will undertake in this matter is in concert with Erin and her team."

Makes sense to us … and certainly lends fuel to the fire that this whole thing is a promotional exercise. A very, very effective promotional exercise.

While we remain disinclined to run the video (it's a peephole, you pervs), there are plenty of sites that aren't. Meanwhile that pic (above) is taken from an excellent Busted Coverage retrospective on the 25 greatest Erin Andrews' belts of all-time – and guess what – one of them was taken from this exclusive FITS photo shoot!

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