Sunday, July 19, 2009

Erin Andrews Peephole Video Cache Google : Our obsession with thin and beautiful

Erin Andrews Peephole Video Our obsession with thin and beautiful
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In the world of love, dating, and marriage – a few men have weighed in on stories regarding women and weight.

It seems that our obsession with thin women has taken such a hold these days, that the beautiful Erin Andrews, sports reporter for ESPN was the victim of a peeping Tom incident in the privacy of her hotel room.

The video went viral and fortunately not just her attorneys but sportscasters are denouncing her invasion of privacy.

This is just an example of what happens in a society in which we place so much value on external beauty.

In a piece called Weight-yIssues called Kristen Houghton gave terrific advice to a woman who wrote and said, "Two weeks ago, while we were at the lake he [boyfriend] told me I  shouldn't wear a bathing suit because I looked jiggly and heavy."

And my story on the Evian Skating Babies inspired a debate between a few readers in that I focused on Queen Latifah.  In response to a comment from a man, Mrs. Dru says:  "Where would Renoir be, without the voluptuous woman?"

J answered:  "I admire and respect Queen Latifah- but notice, too, she always stands alone in her confident body image. No man on her arm...She may want it that way, which is fine, but it could also be that her dating prospects are slim, no matter her beauty and class."  [Note: Queen Latifah appears to have a steady female companion.]

And we wonder why someone out there thinks it is it is all right for the viral world to see more of a beautiful woman even if it must be through a peephole -- and without her knowledge?

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