Saturday, July 18, 2009

Watch Erin Andrews Peephole Video Erin Andrews is getting the Paris Hilton effect

Watch Erin Andrews Peephole Video

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Watch Erin Andrews Peephole Video

Erin Andrews is getting the Paris Hilton effect. Paris Hilton had her tape leak out and thats the best thing that could have happened to an unknown celebrity who was famous for being famous.

The leaking of the tape was a first time for Paris and it led to instant stardom which hasn't abated yet.

Interestingly the idea caught on and few other stars tried the same strategy of having their home made tape leak into public but by then the public had caught on and the idea had fizzled out.

This whole thing meant that even though people were interested in watching the stars but they were smart not to get caught up into the hype of a deliberate "leaked tape".

But this Erin Andrews Peephole Video has shown that people still want to see the stars, just that the mechanism of how the tape gets leaked is different. Instead of having the whole tape being leaked, if somebody video tapes in the process and then releases it, its even better.

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My recommendation to you all would be, desist from watching this tape. The resolution, I have been told, is extremely poor, so it could be any girl out there. (Erin Andrews lawyer giving public statements has at least confirmed the tape is legit). Its of a very short duration and not really worth it.

But the factor that plays the strongest part in all this is, all these malicious worm writers are having a field day getting people to click on a link saying it leads to the tape, but is actually a trojan etc.

So at the risk of getting your computers infected, I would say, this whole Watch Erin Andrews Peephole Video is just not worth it.

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