Friday, July 17, 2009

Why Janet Jackson and Paris Hilton drive Bentleys and Lamborghinis

Why Janet Jackson and Paris Hilton drive Bentleys and Lamborghinis

Recently Janet Jackson was seen arriving at Michael's LA mansion in a much photographed Bentley GT on her way to make sure that the late King of Pop's belongings were not being compromised.  Paris Hilton recently has been showing off her new custom pink Bentley.  She sites her love of Barbie as the reason she just had to have one! 

Paris also has a Blue 2007 Bentley GT Convertible in which she was pulled over and arrested for driving without her registration after being stopped on LA's sunset strip for speeding and driving without her lights on.  She had previosly been pulled over for DUI, and this resulted in her doing some jail time for her offenses.

The fact that the Bentley was bred from years of historic racing success seems to be lost on most of the current breed of Bentley owners.  It is comparable to the many owners of BMW M sedans, whose track ready, race bred Bimmers will never set a tire onto a track, or even spend an afternoon speeding down a desolate, curvy country road.

W.O. Bentley was famous for building airplane engines in World War I and had always wanted to build race cars.  In 1919 he produced his first car, and the company went on to obtain much racing success winning Le Mans four years in a row from 1927 - 1930.  One of Bentley's greatest rivals was Bugatti whose Veyron is now currently amongst the most sought after celebrity cars.  Both Bugatti and Bentley are now owned by Volkswagen.

It seems that while in the past, cars like Bentleys and Lamborghinis were purchased by well off individuals who truly loved to experience the fine handling and race bred performance that these fine cars were engineered with, today  they are merely purchased as status symbols for the uber wealthy.  Perhaps the Rolls Royce is a better choice for stars that want to make a grand entrance, but I guess the Bentley is more en vogue these days.

Janet Jackson also has a Lamborghini Gallardo Spider.  Having driven the Gallardo, I can tell you there is definitely no safe way to enjoy the handling limits of this car anywhere on public roads.  Paris has actually driven a Lamborghini before, but it was just for a photo-op for her BFF TV show.

I think it would be a great idea for stars like Janet Jackson and Paris Hilton to take a day, and a couple thousand dollars, (a mere pittance to them), and rent out a track for the day.  Drive your Bentleys and Lamborghinis how they were meant to be driven.  You'll be glad you did!

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