Thursday, July 9, 2009

Emma Watson Talks Underwear and Education on David Letterman

 Emma Watson Talks Underwear and Education on David Letterman

Watson was equally cheeky (no pun intended) when Letterman asked her about her plans to study liberal arts in the United States. Letterman asked her exactly what the "liberal arts" were, to which Watson responded, "Do you live in the States? Shouldn't you be telling me this?" Letterman played off Watson's precociousness well, looking mock-hurt and telling Paul, "The kid just gunned me!"

Watson also spoke about being a new driver, and when Letterman asked her too-specific questions about whether her car ran mostly in the internal combustion mode or in the electric mode, Watson said, "Are you gonna gun me down now?" prompting a genuinely caught-off-guard Letterman to say earnestly, "No, I don't know!"

It isn't often that a young actress keeps David Letterman on his toes, and most of the time he seems to sleepwalk through interviews with them in that slightly condescending but still lovable Dave way. But Watson handled it like a champ, especially compared to Hayden Panettiere, who has been putting everyone to sleep with her recent round of interviews. Panetierre should take a lesson from Watson...a little less whale talk next time around and a little more back-and-forth with Dave.

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