Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Gossip Girl sex tape could boost album sales

Gossip Girl sex tape could boost album sales

In December Gossip Girl star, Leighton Meester described her debut
album due this spring as "edgy"- a word that hangs over the star in
the wake of her sex tape that is being shopped around for $100,000.

"I was years ago when she was having a tough time and rebelling," says
a source close to the singer/actress claiming it was filmed with an ex
boyfriend when she was 18. "She was acting out in different ways,
rebelling when she was a kid. Now she is devastated."

With pop album on the way and a hit show back in production, Meester
hopes to law low the source also states but "everyone is buzzing about
it on the set."

In entertainment though, any news can be spun into good news so
hopefully the release of the sex tape will keep the star fresh in mind
by the time her debut hits shelves.

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